Our 2024 Presenters


William Lee Rand

The Evolution of Reiki Healing from Ancient Times To the PresentReiki healing was in use long before Usui sensei developed his style of Reiki Ryoho in Japan. In this presentation, based on historical research, William will explain how spiritual healing has been practiced since prehistoric times including in Australia 40,000 years ago and later in China, Korea, Japan and currently in the West. The innate nature of Reiki will be discussed including the potential for it to be continually developed.

William Lee Rand is the founder and president of The International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT), The Center for Reiki Research and The Reiki Membership Association. He is also the publisher and editor in chief of the Reiki News Magazine. He has authored Reiki, The Healing Touch, The Reiki Touch Kit, Reiki for a New Millennium, The Spirit of Reiki and over 100 articles on the history, philosophy, and practice of Reiki. William has done extensive research on the origin and nature of Reiki and produced a pioneering work titled An Evidence Based History of Reiki. In addition, William also has a strong background in metaphysics and has previously been a professional astrologer, hypnotherapist, past life regression therapist, rebirther, and is certified in Neuro Linguistic Programing. William has dedicated his life to Reiki and has practiced and taught full time in classes around the world for 33 years. He encourages all Reiki practitioners to work together in harmony to bring peace to the Earth.


Pamela Allen-LeBlanc

Unleash the Magic: ICRT Animal Reiki for Healing Deep Trauma and Injuries!Join us for a transformative session with one of the course authors, Pam Allen-LeBlanc to discover the synergy between Reiki energy and veterinary care, empowering animals (and humans!) to heal physically and emotionally.
Prepare for an emotional release yourself as we experience the Garden of Forgiveness, to address trauma, grief, guilt, and shame, benefiting both animals and their devoted caregivers.
Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or new to this magical energy, this talk promises insights, practical techniques, and heartwarming case studies to nurture your compassionate journey. Unleash the power of healing and leave with your heart brimming with joy and wonder!

Pam Allen-LeBlanc is an ICRT Licensed Reiki Master Teacher with a B.Sc. in Agriculture and an MBA. She teaches online and in-person Licensed Holy Fire® III Reiki classes, ICRT Animal Reiki classes, and Animal Communication in Canada, the United States, Australia, and the UK. Pam is the author of “The Reiki Business Book,” one of the co-authors of the ICRT Animal Reiki course, has authored several articles in Reiki News Magazine, and leads the popular Reiki from the Farm™ podcast. She lives in Canada with her husband, Pierre, 12 horses, and four dogs. She can be contacted by email at moc.mrafehtmorfikier%40map or through her website www.reikifromthefarm.com.


Sharyn Madison

Reiki and Your Psychic SelfIt is real, powerful, accessible, normal, humbling, and a Gift that can knock your socks off. As you follow your Reiki Path and work with the Reiki energy, you will develop your extraordinary perceptions otherwise known as your psychic self. In this presentation we will look at this deep core wisdom: how can we access, embody, and apply our innate intuition to our life and our service to others. We will experience getting beyond the thinking mind to allow more of who we are to be present including our powerful, intuitive, psychic self.

Sharyn Madison, MS, Reiki Master HF III Usui & Karuna, Certified Facilitator for the Institute of BioEnergetics, has had a passion for teaching and community service her entire life. Her varied career includes service as an educator in public and private schools, athletic coach, workshop speaker, and participant in international collaborative work projects. Sharyn also owned and managed a large Wellness Center in central New York for several years. At the Center, she provided services as an Aesthetician and Reiki Master Teacher, Holy Fire III.Sharyn has been involved in the healing arts for over 20 years. With experience in Crystal Healing, Color Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Vibrational Healing, and Essential Oils, Sharyn has a passion for Holistic Care and Complementary Therapies. She is a visionary leader for Reiki Share Groups, presenter at Reiki Retreats, and teaches all levels of Reiki and Energy Codes classes. Sharyn is authorized by the professional NCBTMB (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork) to give CEU credits to qualified Licensed Massage Therapists and is a certified facilitator of the Morter Institute of Bioenergetics, “The Energy Codes.” Sharyn is the author of Spirit Speaks, a published book available from Amazon.com.


Carolyn Musial

Fearless Reiki – Beyond Physical HealingJoin me to discover how to open to “Fearless Reiki”! We’ll discuss using Reiki for your work, relationships, cooking, cleaning, driving, gardening, etc. If you were taught there are limitations or “rules” on when and how to use Reiki, let’s open to an awareness that Reiki may be used in any situation, for any life experience – at every moment.

Carolyn Musial is an ICRT Licensed Reiki Master Teacher, Mentor Teacher and Director of the Licensed Teachers. She has been a full-time Reiki Teacher/Practitioner since 2003, living Reiki with everything she does and with every breath she takes. Carolyn recognizes and understands that All is ONE, and we share a connection through The Divine Within.


Barbara Pastie

Shake Your Soul®: Trust Your Body and Awaken Your Spirit!Beginning with gentle movement on a mat, we will gain an awareness of our inner selves to awaken the natural dancer within. You will move at your own pace and based on your own range of motion. (A “Shake Your Soul®” class is a judgement free zone!) World music will play as we move and groove allowing us to come into communion with our own inner spirit and into community with each other. And the Reiki will flow with our joy! No prior dance training is necessary. All you need is a love of music and movement.
Please bring a yoga mat or blanket to class. (Adaptations of all movements will be made for people who use wheelchairs or prefer to participate in the class seated.)
Class will be led by Barbara Pastie, certified “Shake Your Soul®” dance instructor, Holy Fire® III World Peace and Holy Fire® III Karuna® Reiki Master.

Barbara Pastie is a certified Shake Your Soul® dance instructor. She studied at the Leven Institute for Expressive Movement in Lenox, MA for over 12 years and teaches regular classes in Massachusetts with a focus on seniors and people with disabilities. She has also offered classes at the International Reiki Retreats in New York and Sedona, AZ since 2010 and works with Ripple Effect Spiritual Therapies to present movement workshops at their retreats both on-line and in New York. Barbara is a Holy Fire® III World Peace and Holy Fire® III Karuna® Reiki Master. Nothing brings her more joy than combining the beauty of dance and movement with the powerful energy of Reiki.


Tracey Sullivan

Holistic Stress Management: Grace under PressureWhat does that mean for different people and different situations and ways to cultivate it based on who 'you' are...

Tracey Sullivan is a Nuclear Medicine Technologist, where she continues to integrate Reiki by offering Reiki to staff members, patients, and family members. Tracey has been teaching Reiki to volunteers and staff members at Yale New Haven Hospital since 2014 and has also taught staff members at the Veterans Administration Hospital in West Haven, CT. She has provided many educational talks on Reiki, some for continuing education credit, to many different groups throughout the hospital and outside the hospital. The name of her practice “Reiki Integration” comes from her belief that Reiki can be integrated into all facets of life, creating the foundation for healing on all levels, and especially in areas where Reiki is least likely to be found. Tracey is an Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master and Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master. Additionally, she is a certified in Holographic Sound Healing with Paul Hubbert, Jikiden Reiki with Frank Arjava Petter, Reiki Sound Therapy with Edward Cleveland, and a Medical ReikiTM Master with Raven Keyes.


Jerry Mikutis

Reiki Meditation: A Journey to The Heartbeat of Mother Earth with Quartz CrystalsJoin Jerry for a Reiki meditation to connect with the Heartbeat of the Earth. The Earth invites us to reflect on our own heartbeat, our own inner rhythms and the divinity within and in turn explores how that is reflected in the beauty and vitality of the natural world around us, in all forms, locations and times - past, present and future.
This interactive hour will include a discussion on the basics of using crystals to enhance your Reiki and meditation practice. Quartz crystals, also known as Silicon Dioxide, are the most abundant mineral on earth and we will be using them to help us connect to the Heartbeat of the Earth. So we invite you to bring your favorite quartz crystal to this event, all are welcome.
Examples of Quartz Crystals include: ● Clear quartz● Rose quartz● Amethyst● Citrine● Jasper● Agate
This meditation is infused with the loving and peaceful vibes of Reiki and the vitality of the Universal Life Force Energy.

Jerry Mikutis is Licensed Reiki Master Teacher with the International Center for Reiki Training, a yoga teacher and crystal practitioner. She has been enthralled by yoga ever since her first class in 2005 as a means for mental clarity from the stresses of life. The sense of peace the practice cultivated kept her coming back to the mat and the physical benefits soon made themselves evident. Her yoga practice eventually led her to subtler practices such as Reiki and other methods of energy harmonizing, such as connecting with the beauty of crystals. She facilitates yoga and Reiki classes as well as meditations online.She looks forward to connecting with you on your path to a happier and more whole you through the higher realms of consciousness of peace, joy and love. Jerry lives in Chicago with her 2 cats Rosie and Milo and dozens of plants and looks for the magic everywhere.


Sarah Soltow

The Fascinating World of Fascia, Part 2Join me for further exploration of our energetic selves! . Following a quick review of the physical importance of the fascial system, we will dive deeper into the inner connections, the relational aspects, and the intuitive significance of this energetic system and how we access this part of our unique human abilities using Reiki, vibration, and crystal energies.
Pine Needle Basket Making ActivityOnce again, Sarah will be available in the lobby of Silver Bay Lodge on Thursday and Friday mornings to share the beautiful craft of pine needle basket making with those who are interested. She will have enough supplies for you to try your hand at this craft, and it is possible for you to complete a small basket to take home with you. A suggested donation of $40 for time and materials would be greatly appreciated, if you decide to try it out.

Sarah Soltow is a Professional ICRT Reiki Master with over 10 years of experience. Her training encompasses Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki®, crystals, vibrational therapy, and Access Bars®. ​Since 2009 Sarah has continued training, teaching, sharing and learning more about how our bioenergetic fields affect our wholeness and well-being. A long-time resident of Arizona, much of her training took place in the magical land of Sedona. She also sojourned to Glastonbury, England for specialized training with the energy of Stonehenge. Her career spans educational and artistic pursuits including Oriental rug repair and folk painting. In 2020, she settled into pine needle basket making as a fulfilling artistic pursuit that embodies a co-creative energy with the world around us.


Rickie Meryl Freedman

Introduction to ReikiVoice PlayshopJoin Rickie Meryl Freedman, Reiki Master/Teacher, Owner of Reiki by Rickie ~ ReikiSpace & Learning Place, Certified in ReikiSound and ReikiVoice Instructor to EXPERIENCE the healing power of YOUR voice. We will share a few ReikiVoice experiences from the Certification Class to give you a taste of how to use your voice for your personal healing, wellness and immune support, as well as with your Reiki clients. Let’s let go of any fear or resistance as we work together in a comfortable enjoyable way to Radiate our Reiki Healing Light and Energy with our voices!

Rickie Meryl Freedman brings an Integrative approach to Holistic Health. Rickie’s expertise spans across many aspects of wellness, particularly pain and stress management, and reduction of addictive behaviors, anxiety, grief and sleep issues. Rickie offers Reiki Sessions at "ReikiSpace & Learning Place", which she created and opened in 2013. She is a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach, and shares her "Follow your Heart AND Do it Smart!" Mentorship program, a Certified ReikiVoice Instructor and is also Certified in ReikiSound. She teaches all levels of Reiki Classes, created and published "Reiki Rickie Shares ReikiKids" Coloring/Activity Manual and conducts numerous workshops covering a wide range of topics. Rickie’s Mission in the world is to bring the Inner Peace of the Reiki Experience in a grounded way to as many people as possible. “I don’t DO Reiki, I LIVE Reiki!” Rickie believes that “Our World and this Earth need all the Light, Love and Positive Energy we can possibly share!”


Cami Coté, April Walker & Chellie Kammermeyer

Kid Reiki, Choose Your Own AdventureJoin us as we discuss Kid Reiki, a new energy that has presented itself to work with the children of the world.Cami, April and Chellie will be covering information from their new course, Kid Reiki. With this presentation we will be discussing how Reiki guided us to Teach the Teachers. We will be talking about the practical parts of teaching kids. Complete with Choose your own adventure ideas for the class. With ideas for activities, crafts, games, and even experiments with Reiki.We will also be discussing what it means to be an adult with this information and ability. Learning to heal our past to be present with kids is a significant portion of this training and we will be facilitating a healing experience in the presentation. The 3 of us would love to have you join us!

Cami Coté is a Licensed Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki Master Teacher based in Missoula, Montana. She teaches and provides the gift of Reiki to communities in Montana, Idaho and Washington. Cami has a love for learning and has completed extensive training in Anusara Yoga, Shamanism, Clairvoyant healing, Reflexology and Sound healing. She has been a Reiki practitioner for since 2012.
April Walker is an intuitive, energy teacher and practitioner & Reiki Master Teacher, assisting clients around the world with emotional, mental, physical & spiritual well being in various ways. She has a background in hospital wellness programs as well as working with physicians who use integrative and alternative healing techniques. She is also a college professor teaching Adaptive Physical Education, Health, Child Development, Human Services and Psychology courses. She is a teacher in the Licensed Teacher Program.
Chellie Kammermeyer is a Licensed Reiki Master Mentor Teacher and Assistant Director of Teachers with the ICRT. With the goal of sharing Reiki with as many as possible, she and her husband, Mike, regularly teach classes with the intention of teaching the teachers. In her personal practice, Chellie uses sound healing and crystal healing, along with several other energy modalities, yet always combined with Reiki. She lives on the Oregon Coast, teaching there as well as the San Francisco Bay Area and the Seattle area. Chellie is a regular contributor to the Reiki News Magazine.


Nicole Miele and Mayleen Medina

Unbounded - Music From the HeartThrough their moving songs of love and devotion, Nicole Miele and Mayleen Medina of Unbounded pour their hearts out to their audience. Experience the soulful practice of call and response chanting, known as Kirtan. This ancient tradition not only allows us to express gratitude and raise our vibrations, but also helps us relax and connect with our inner stillness. Unbounded will be sharing some of their original music along with traditional chants from various cultures. Come and experience the transformative power of Kirtan for yourself at the Northeast Reiki Retreat!

Nicole “Coli” Miele has been playing the guitar since she was 8 years old, and writing and performing her own music since she was in her teens. After several years in a stressful career, she was introduced to Reiki and discovered the benefits of art and meditation. Through this, Nicole was also able to find her joy in music again. In 2018, Nicole was introduced to Kirtan and she has been writing and performing with Mayleen ever since.
Mayleen Medina has always loved to sing and has been writing uplifting lyrics for over 20 years but was never brave enough to share them with the world. In 2015, during yoga teacher training, Mayleen fell in love with Kirtan. Bhakti (devotional) yoga was calling out to her soul. In 2018, Mayleen followed that call, was trained in Bhakti yoga, and purchased her first harmonium. She has been sharing her songs through meditation and Kirtan ever since.


Jennifer Dwyer

QigongBegin the day with a gentle Qigong practice. Qi- life energy and Gong- effort, work is a modern word for an ancient practice of the skillful, steady cultivation of life energy. Class will include focused awareness breath and movement to balance and strengthen our body mind and spirit.Practice may be done standing or seated in a chair.

Jennifer Dwyer is a Certified Yoga, Meditation and Qigong teacher. She received Reiki Master Level training with Brett Bevell at the Omega Institute and Shinpiden Advanced Degree Reiki training with Fire and Spirit in Newburgh, NY. After learning of the connection of Reiki, the fascia and Qigong she began a regular practice that led to Qigong teacher training at Yoga Farm Ithaca, and is amazed how the 2 practices enhance each other.
She is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist and loves to share the healing power of Reiki with her patients and community. With over 30 years of healthcare experience and a longstanding Yoga and Meditation practice she brings a compassionate and trauma informed approach to her practice and classes. You may reach her at moc.liamg%40agoyfaelgnicnad for zoom classes and other offerings.
Jennifer lives in the Hudson Valley, NY and enjoys spending time in nature and hiking and will soon offer group meditation nature walks and hikes.


John & Heidi Kowalchyk

Drum CircleDrumming with others is an ancient practice that people have used for millennia all over the globe to connect, heal, learn and celebrate. Our drum circles are a safe space to be an individual while being an integral part of the group.
In a circle, there is an opportunity for each person to see and be heard by each other in a way that is beyond the typical, self-imposed boundaries such as economic status, sex, creed, race, politics or age. In the circle, we are all equal and vital components of the whole.

John & Heidi Kowalchyk are Alliance of Divine Love Interfaith Ministers, Reiki Masters, Sound Therapists and Drum Circle Facilitators who have been called to follow a spiritual path and guide others along their spiritual journey. It is their passion to offer opportunities and encouragement to people to open them selves to the Divine Love within. As ordained ministers, they are the Founders of Ripple Effect Spiritual Therapies, a ministry focused on energy-healing. They offer programs and retreats for people of all ages and backgrounds at their home retreat center and venues throughout the country.
Trained by Jim Donovan - renowned platinum recording artist, college professor, sound health expert and drum circle leadership facilitator trainer - John and Heidi lead drum circles for youth, seniors, special-needs groups, wellness programs, and community events. They love to share the exhilaration, joy, and health benefits of drumming.
As Reiki Masters and trained sound therapists, they combine Reiki and sound healing - using tuning forks - to create unique spiritual healing experiences in private sessions. John and Heidi teach Reiki classes and lead Reiki Shares and Reiki Retreats. This is their third year hosting the Northeast Reiki Retreat.