2024 Pre-Retreat Presentations & Workshops*

Chakras, Crystals and You!
Thurs. 5/4/23
  • Jerry Mikutis, Usui Holy Fire® Reiki and Holy Fire® Karuna Reiki Teacher

    Have you been fascinated by crystals but don't know where to begin?Are you already familiar with crystals but would like to deepen your understanding of them with structure and reverence?In this 4 hour interactive crystal course, you will learn:● How to connect with the energetic and spiritual essence of crystals● How to clear and strengthen the aura● How to cleanse and charge your crystals● How to balance and harmonize the chakras with a crystal layout for the body, both in giving yourself a session as well as learning how to give someone else a crystal and Reiki session. You will leave this class with the basics to become a confident crystal healer!This workshop also includes your very own set of 9 stones and crystals that will be given to you in class.

* Please note:This session is not included with your retreat registration and is only available in-person at Silver Bay. It requires a separate registration and fee. You may also need to book additional nights accommodations with Silver Bay before April 1st.


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