Our 2022 Presenters

Many of our 2022 presenters are planning to return in 2023, with new exciting topics... Check back in September for 2023 presenters!


Barbara Pastie

Shake Your Soul®  
Mindful Movement – The Heart of ‘Shake Your Soul’®

Shake Your Soul® is a non-judgmental movement practice that relaxes your nervous system, energizes your body and awakens your soul through a powerful, fluid dance repertoire set to world music. Barbara will create sacred space in which to find communion with our own bodies and community with fellow Reiki practitioners. Begin your day feeling alive, joyful, and connected. The class is suitable for all levels of fitness, flexibility or dance/yoga experience.

In the Mindful Movement workshop, you will experience an awareness of your own inner body and an overflowing love of self and others as you move to world music. Based on “Shake Your Soul"®, Mindful Movement combines fluid meditative movement and flowing dance with lessons on how to be more in touch with our bodies as a tool to be in communion with ourselves and in community with others. This workshop is suitable for people of all ages and abilities.

Barbara Pastie is a certified Shake Your Soul® dance instructor. She has studied at the Leven Institute for Expressive Movement in Lenox, MA for over 12 years and teaches classes in Massachusetts with a focus on seniors and people with disabilities. She has offered classes at the International Reiki Retreats in New York and Sedona, AZ since 2010. Barbara is also a Usui Holy Fire® III and Holy Fire Karuna® Reiki Master. Nothing brings her more joy than combining the beauty of dance and movement with the powerful energy of Reiki.


Tracey Sullivan

Reiki in Healthcare

Tracey will cover various aspects of Reiki in hospitals, including volunteering , teaching, clinical research and being a hospital employee. Relative outcomes for integrating Reiki with patients, employees and administration will be discussed. Reiki in Skilled Nursing Facilities and Reiki in Hospice will be included as well. General tips for Integrating Reiki into Healthcare will be provided.

Tracey Sullivan is a Nuclear Medicine Technologist, where she continues to integrate Reiki by offering Reiki to staff members, patients, and family members. Tracey has been teaching Reiki to volunteers and staff members at Yale New Haven Hospital since 2014 and has also taught staff members at the Veterans Administration Hospital in West Haven, CT. She has provided many educational talks on Reiki, some for continuing education credit, to many different groups throughout the hospital and outside the hospital. The name of her practice “Reiki Integration” comes from her belief that Reiki can be integrated into all facets of life, creating the foundation for healing on all levels, and especially in areas where Reiki is least likely to be found. Tracey is an Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master and Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master. Additionally, she is a certified in Holographic Sound Healing with Paul Hubbert, Jikiden Reiki with Frank Arjava Petter, Reiki Sound Therapy with Edward Cleveland, and a Medical ReikiTM Master with Raven Keyes.


Carolyn Musial

Communicating with Animals and All of Nature with Reiki

We deepen our connection to animals and all of nature through Reiki! We will explore telepathic communication, the many ways it can be experienced and techniques to help you open to this innate ability – one that only requires your attention and practice to be “remembered”. Open to a whole new world, where it is easy to understand that we are all ONE.

Carolyn Musial is an ICRT Licensed Reiki Master Teacher, Mentor Teacher and Director of the Licensed Teachers. She has been a full-time Reiki Teacher/Practitioner since 2003, living Reiki with everything she does and with every breath she takes. Carolyn recognizes and understands that All is ONE, and we share a connection through The Divine Within.


Zelda Hotaling

Finding Your Rhythm and Song In Your Drum

Each of our drums has a unique purpose to hold one of the 4 directions (N, S, E, W). Discover the heartbeat of your drum and how it holds healing for humanity and mother earth. Find your relationship with your drum, your rhythm and your song. After we share the teachings we will go deeper in meditation.

Zelda Hotaling was raised in the Native American Tradition of the Haudenosaunee, on the Kahnawaka Mohawk reservation in Canada. She visited her grandmother and other elders, who were her first teachers, guiding her in the traditions and sacred ways of her people. Her Spirit gifts include being a spiritual intuitive, spirit guided healer, author, visionary, and creator of sacred space. She uses Crystal Bowls, Drums and Rattles to promote healing through sound vibrations. In 2012 she received a profound vision that has guided her to create the Sacred Dream Circles Project.


Nicole “Coli” Miele and Mayleen Medina


Nicole Miele and Mayleen Medina of Rock & Soul Wellness have been sharing their love of music through modern Kirtan since 2018. Unbounded incorporates original uplifting songs with traditional call and response chants to create an uplifting community experience.

Nicole “Coli” Miele has been playing the guitar since she was 8 years old, and writing and performing her own music since she was in her teens. After several years in a stressful career, she was introduced to Reiki and discovered the benefits of art and meditation. Through this, Nicole was also able to find her joy in music again. In 2018, Nicole was introduced to Kirtan and she has been writing and performing with Mayleen ever since.Mayleen Medina has always loved to sing and has been writing uplifting lyrics for over 20 years but was never brave enough to share them with the world. In 2015, during yoga teacher training, Mayleen fell in love with Kirtan. Bhakti (devotional) yoga was calling out to her soul. In 2018, Mayleen followed that call, was trained in Bhakti yoga, and purchased her first harmonium. She has been sharing her songs through meditation and Kirtan ever since.


Sharyn Madison

Reiki & Bioenergetics

There are discoverable truths in the blending of science, energy medicine, and spirituality that lead to more clarity about who we are as healers and more empowerment in our Reiki practice. We ARE the energy of energy medicine, so let us have access to more of that.

Sharyn Madison, MS, SCT, RM has had a passion for teaching and community service her entire life. Her varied career includes service as an educator in public and private schools, athletic coach, workshop speaker, and participant in international collaborative work projects. Sharyn also owned and managed a large Wellness Center in central New York for several years. At the Center, she provided services as an Aesthetician and Reiki Master Teacher, Holy Fire III.Sharyn has been involved in the healing arts for over 20 years. With experience in Crystal Healing, Color Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Vibrational Healing, and Essential Oils, Sharyn has a passion for Holistic Care and Complementary Therapies. She is a visionary leader for Reiki Share Groups, presenter at Reiki Retreats, and teaches all levels of Reiki and Energy Codes classes. Sharyn is authorized by the professional NCBTMB (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork) to give CEU credits to qualified Licensed Massage Therapists and is a certified facilitator of the Morter Institute of Bioenergetics, “The Energy Codes.” Sharyn is the author of Spirit Speaks, a published book available from Amazon.com.


Kathie Lipinski

Understanding the Roots of Reiki: A Japanese Perspective

As a Reiki teacher for over 25 years, Kathie has studied and taught both Western and traditional Japanese Reiki.In her presentation, “Understanding the roots of Reiki: A Japanese perspective,” Kathie will describe Japanese culture and spirituality and how they have provided the foundation for Reiki practice and teaching today.Understanding the roots of Reiki from a Japanese perspective helps one to go deeper into the practice of Reiki and embrace it for all that it is meant to be. (Virtual Presentation)

Kathie Lipinski RN, MSN, CH, is a Wholistic Nurse, Master Teacher of Usui/Tibetan Western Reiki, a Shihan Teacher of traditional Jikiden Reiki, a Certified Hypnotist and is Board Certified in Massage Therapy and Bodywork. Kathie has over twenty-seven (27) years’ experience working with and teaching Reiki and other mind-body healing modalities. With her nursing and Reiki background, she specializes in helping people prepare for surgery with Reiki and hypnosis/guided imagery.Kathie’s extensive nursing career has taken her from Intensive Care to Diabetes Education and now Wholistic Nursing. She currently has a private practice Healing from the Heart NY LLC, where she uses various modalities to help individuals identify and heal imbalances in their lives. She also trained with Brian Weiss in Past Life Regression Exploration.


Colleen Benelli &William Lee Rand

The Unlimited Potential
of Reiki Energy

Usui Reiki Ryoho is not something Usui Sensei was given as a complete system, but was something he developed over time. And in turn, he asked Hayashi Sensei to develop it further. Takata Sensei also developed it. This is the case, not only with how it is practiced, but more importantly, with the quality and quantity of Reiki energy one is able to channel. In this presentation, we will explain the historical facts concerning this understanding and also include a special meditation, in which each participant will be uniquely guided by the Reiki energy to receive healing and new levels of self-awareness.


Colleen Benelli is a Senior Professional Licensed Reiki Master Teacher for the International Center for Reiki Training and a contributing author for Reiki News Magazine since 2005. Colleen is also an Associate Teacher for the LightSong School of Shamanic Studies and has created the Reiki program for the school. As the founder of Reiki Lifestyle, she is excited to share her years of experience and knowledge of Reiki and to create a supportive Reiki community. Colleen is also a full time Reiki practitioner and blends her Reiki and shamanic healing techniques in her Reiki sessions. Colleen's passion and commitment is teaching Reiki as a mainstream profession and as a life management tool. She trains people from all professions, belief systems, and spiritual experience. With the common goal of living a life of meaning and purpose, Colleen’s students learn how to use Reiki to know themselves more directly and as a practice that contributes to the wellbeing of others and the planet.
William Lee Rand is the founder and president of The International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT), The Center for Reiki Research and The Reiki Membership Association. He is also the publisher and editor in chief of the Reiki News Magazine. He has authored Reiki, The Healing Touch, The Reiki Touch Kit, Reiki for a New Millennium, The Spirit of Reiki and over 100 articles on the history, philosophy and practice of Reiki. William has done extensive research on the origin and nature of Reiki and produced a pioneering work titled An Evidence Based History of Reiki. In addition, William also has a strong background in metaphysics and has previously been a professional astrologer, hypnotherapist, past life regression therapist, rebirther, and is certified in Neuro Linguistic Programing. William has dedicated his life to Reiki and has practiced and taught full time in classes around the world since 1989. He encourages all Reiki practitioners to work together in harmony to bring peace to the earth.